LiUNA! Local 158

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Welcome to the Laborers 158 web site. Laborers 158 has been a leader in the movement to bring quality to the construction and public service industry in 29 counties in Central and Northeastern Pennsylvania. We provide contractors and companies with highly skilled and motivated workers whose skill levels and work ethic are unrivaled anywhere else in the country. Our laborers do the job right, safely, and with pride that not only continuously builds and services Central and Northeastern PA, but keeps it growing, expanding and running at peak performance providing a work force that all residents of Central and Northeastern PA can be proud of.

Robert Slick, President
James M. Andrews, Secretary/Treasurer
Ronald Tomasetti, Business Manager

Thanks for visiting our web site, and make sure to visit all of our pages to learn more about what our union provides for our members and for the communities and neighborhoods of Central and Northeastern PA.